Who we are        

DARWIN Management Consulting is a leading operational improvement organisation, working with clients around the world to improve their processes and financial performance. 

We are focused on delivering tangible and sustainable operational improvements, helping clients achieve significant increases in performance. We are there to achieve a measurable substantial result.

Our Management has more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of productivity programmes. We have previously held senior positions in the industry and are able to draw on this experience and knowledge in order to deliver real results to our clients. 

Our approach and experience covers virtually any type of industry. From the service sector, banking, retail, logistics, manufacturing through to research and development.

We are successful because our people bring their experience, enthusiasm and commitment to DARWIN Management Consulting. The combination of international project management combined with local staff is a key to our success. Our employees, from senior management to process specialists, interact on a daily basis with our clients, working side-by-side with their employees to deliver real, long-term change and benefits. Most of our work is on the front-line at the point of execution. 

We go where our clients need us.